Complete energy freedom, powered by the sun

Use your solar day and night with a home battery system

A home battery system unlocks a range of new solar benefits and significantly reduces your reliance on the grid. Compact and easy to install, the battery automatically stores your excess solar energy during the day for use when the sun isn’t shining, and can even power your home during a blackout.

With large storage capacities, long lifespans, and easy monitoring on your phone or PC, a home battery system is a step towards complete energy independence.
You can add a battery to upgrade your existing solar array, or include it in a new system as a complete home energy solution. We supply the world’s most advanced battery brands, including Q Cells, Sonnen, and the Tesla Powerwall, guaranteeing clean and reliable electricity for years to come.


Q Cells is one of the most respected names in solar energy. Its new slimline Q.HOME battery range offers incredible reliability and a leading 15-year product and performance warranty.


We are certified installers of the Tesla Powerwall home battery system. Our official training and support guarantee your system meets all of Tesla’s strict design and performance standards.


Germany’s Sonnen makes some of the world’s most advanced and efficient home battery systems. With a range of models and storage capacities, there’s a perfect solution for every home.

Want to make extra money from your battery?

If you’d like to reduce your power bills even further, you can apply to join a local Virtual Power Plant (VPP) network. In a VPP, you can generate additional income from your solar and battery system while contributing to a greener and more reliable electricity grid. Contact the KIK Electrics team for information and eligibility criteria.

Looking for an off-grid solar system?

If your property is not connected to mains power, we can also design and install a complete off-grid solar system with battery storage and all associated hardware. Contact our remote power experts for more information.

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